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Our Company

Phonerental Inc. is one of the market leaders in temporary cellular and satellite phone rentals, providing cell phones for use all over the U.S. with country wide coverage and no roaming or long distance charges..

For your travel abroad, Phonerental Inc. has GSM/3G cellular phone rentals, with coverage in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands.

Our highly trained staff, with years of experience in the market, will guide you throughout the process and give you a solution for your communications needs. We provide this way, a complete telecommunications solution, where customer service and care is our highest priority.


 History of Phonerental

Phonerental has maintained one vision since its inception in 2003: provide a a wide array of global wireless solutions to clients who would otherwise find such solutions unattainable. There is far more to our business than simply renting phones; we provide complete solutions.
There is no other company like Phonerental, in philosophy and practice. Phonerental began with just GSM rentals. We then added US phones. Next came Iridium satellite phones, then GPS rentals. Today, Phonerental has offices and partners in the US, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and France.
Our impressive spectrum of offerings include:

  • 160 countries of GSM roaming through major network operators

  • 3G technology available for specific countries

  • Satellite solutions from Iridium

  • Automotive GPS service around the world

We seek out niche opportunities and view the world from a global basis. As we have grown, we have maintained our Unique Value Proposition, and put service as our priority to our clients. We are not the biggest, but we are the best in this business. With our network of partners, Phonerental provides the most comprehensive client experience.

Phonerental brings to our clients a world of global wireless solutions by finding the best solution for the client’s specific need.

From cellular phones for Europe, Asia, Japan, Korea and North and South America to remote access via our satellite provider, we have everything you’ll need to succeed globally.

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