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We asked a few of our clients to put in a few words their experience with Phonerental. This is what they have to say:


 Emily V., Orlando, FL

I didn't really thought that I need it a phone for my vacation between Argentina and Chile, but my family insisted. I was going to Tren de las Nubes (The train in the clouds) 13.850 feet above mean sea level. But, I said yes. And I didn't regret it. When I was up there, even though I said I wasn't going to use the phone, I did! To call everyone and tell them that I could not believe what I was seeing, I was ABOVE the clouds and between them! And the most amazing thing, I had signal. Of course, it was a satellite phone, and at the same time, I was amazed the I was making calls trough a satellite. I'm not a very techy person, that's why I was so excited. Between the satellite and the clouds, was little old me, calling home!

 Linda M., Saint Louis, MO

I just wanted a simple cell phone for my son in Germany. I did everything online. I even was able to chat with a representative. I placed the order, received mi confirmation and got my phone. Later, I lost the instructions they sent me, I contacted them again, and they emailed me the instructions again. My son had no problem with the phone. After that, we mailed it back and later received the invoice. Was very simple and hazard free.

 William M., London, UK

I came from the UK on a business trip, but lost my mobile. Phonerental has a place in the Seattle airport, and I rented an American mobile there, they saved me! I returned the phone before coming back home and weeks later received the invoice.

 Frans S., Los Angeles, CA

My company organizes events all over the world. We had to travel to the UK a couple of weeks ago, and our US cell phones wouldn't´t work there. We looked online for a cell phone rental company, but the rates were very high. We use our cell phones a lot for work, and we were looking to save some money. But with Phonerental, we use our own shipping account and we save there. We also needed toll free numbers for our customers. And 24hs after we placed the order, we received, not only our 8 local UK numbers, but also the 8 toll free numbers, and we were able to give that to our customers, that knew that we were overseas, but they didn't want to pay extra to get in touch with us. If we wouldn't have gotten these toll free numbers, we could have lost business. But that didn't happened. We did have a problem with one phone, we sent an email, and the people at Phonerental called us to see what the problem was. The problem was fixed in a timely manner. We even got a discount for the little problem we had. We will use them in the future for other destinations.

 Bryon M., Seattle, WA

We rented 3 satellite phones for a rally en Baja. We liked the incoming free calls. We couldn't find other company with free incoming calls. We picked them up from the Phonerental office, use them, with no problem, and returned them there. They provided us with all the instructions. No problems at all.

 Maria Fernanda S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

We needed 2 cell phones in the US for our family vacations in Orlando. I exchanged emails with them for a couple of days. I couldn't figure out how to place the order, so, they called me! My English is not very good, but we were able to understand each other. I was able to rent my cell phones and didn't had a problem at all. At the end of the rental, the mail service picked up the packages from the hotel. And a couple weeks later, received an itemized bill. I will use them again next time in the US. (translated from Portuguese by Phonerental)

 Paul M., Boston, MA

I represent a college, and for summer, our students go on trips. We used to use phone cards, but either they run out, got lost or weren't´t able to find them, or weren't´t the correct ones and were more expensive. So, since last year, we are using Phonerental, because we don't need to buy any extra items. The phones arrived when we requested them and we never run out of time, or minutes. It is very convenient. And in most places, the incoming calls are free, so we can call our students or teachers abroad and pay for only one communication. We request the phone numbers as soon as possible and they email them to us.

 Chiara L., Rome, Italy

I use my Blackberry for everything, but in a business trip, I realize that my carrier would charge me roaming charges. But I still need it my email and my phone. Phonerental rented me a Blackberry, very easy to use, and provided me with my own email address that I could forward to my customers and coworkers. I just paid for the rental and a couple of calls. Emails and internet were free.

 Jonathan G., Auburn, ME

We made a trip to Western Europe and I thought that I needed a phone number for every location, or change SIM cards, like I was told in other companies. But here, they provided me with only 1 phone number for the whole trip. And when I couldn't´t access my voice mail, the tech dept. called me and later fixed the problem.

 Takashi M., San Diego, CA

I'm now a regular customer of Phonerental. For my work, I must travel to a different countries. Now, I just send them an email telling them where I will be going and a request for the order, and a couple of minutes later, everything is set up for me. One less thing that I have to worry about!

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