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GPS rental for the US

GPS rental for the US

Imagine a 'co-pilot' creating a route to get you to your destination and then giving clear, accurate, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions. With our GPS rental, this handy travelling companion’s full-colour LCD will show you locations of all the nearest highway exits, gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, hospitals, and rest areas plus much more covering the whole United States, Canada and Puerto Rico!

When you're in a foreign location, a car navigation system may be your best travel companion. Not all car rental companies provide GPS for a car, so being able to bring along a GPS rental is reassuring. Don't leave to your destination, being a vacation, business trip or both, without a GPS rental from Phonerental.

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  • Garmin 2
  • Garmin C330 rental
  • Roadmate rental
  • GPS rental


  •  GPS navigational tool that can easily guide you on your next automotive adventure
  •  Never get lost again! 
  •  The first auto navigation GPS system for everyone
  •  Know your way around anywhere in the U.S.
  •  Simple, powerful and portable
  •  User-friendly interface 
  •  Turn-by-turn voice prompted guidance with automatic route recalculation


Our Magellan and Garmin gps models are devices made for everyone. Designed from top to bottom for simplicity and ease of use. Quickly locate amenities and points of interest along your route. It uses powerful, 14-channel GPS positioning that's accurate to within three meters. Turn-by-turn voice prompts guide you on your way and automatically recalculate your route when you get off track, while intelligent routing lets you plan a trip based on shortest travel time, most or least use of freeways, or avoidance of tolls.

Meanwhile, the locate feature displays your current location and allows you to save it to the address book. Finally, you can select destinations by entering an address or intersection, selecting an address from the address book, touching a point on the map, or by choosing from more than 1.7 million points of interest like airports, gas stations, and restaurants.

Rates (minimum rental 1 week)

Rental Fees:

  • Daily Rental: $ 28.00 per day
  • Weekly Rental: $ 28.00 per week
  • 2 Weeks Rental: $ 56.00
  • 3 Weeks Rental: $ 84.00
  • Monthly Rental: $ 120.00 per month

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Weighing in at just under nine ounces and with an integrated GPS antenna, our GPS rental units are compact and portable. The tough, rubberized exterior is built for abuse, while the 3.5-inch TFT color touchscreen makes address entry easy--no need for an awkward stylus. The intuitive keypad is backlit and highly visible, night or day. A headphone jack lets you catch the next turn command in a car full of noisy kids.

A GPS rental is the ideal solution whenever you are going to be driving in an unfamiliar place: you know how it goes when you get lost, there is a lot of stress, tempers flare, time is flying by for your appointment, and you don't know you are going the wrong way...

Our GPS rental is a very good replacement to what you get from a nationwide car rental agency, at a fraction of the price.   All our equipment is easy to use and configure, getting you where you want to go in just a few minutes after opening our package.  We ship our GPS rental with all necessary accesories and ready to work.

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