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GSM Cell Phone Rental with local American airtime enables the international business and leisure traveler to stay connected with just one cell phone rental in the United States Canada and Puerto Rico.  Now you can travel across the United States and keep in touch whether it is in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or many other major cities and towns across the US. With an American cell phone rental you benefit from low cost call rates while in the USA!


  • US local number
  • No Activation Fees. No Minimum Usage requirements. No hidden costs.
  • Crystal clear cell phone reception.
  • You get to use your own cellphone
  • You never run out of minutes
  • No call back service. Get connected right away with great reception.
  • 5 Star Customer Service. Guaranteed!!
  • Voicemail and text messaging always active
  • Sim Card can be delivered and returned to and from any city in the US

Rates (minimum rental 1 week)

Rental Fees:

  • Daily Rental:$0.99
  • Weekly Rental:$6.93
  • 2 Weeks Rental:$13.86
  • 3 Weeks Rental:$20.79
  • Monthly Rental:$29.70

Calling Rates:

  • Incoming Calls: $ 0.39
  • Local Outgoing calls: $ 0.59
  • Calls to the US: $ 0.59

  • Incoming TXT: $ 0.39
  • Outgoing TXT: $ 0.59

These are only the rental fees for SIM card only, not handset will be provided.  This means you have your own unlocked GSM phone that will work in the areas you will be in.  If you want to rent a kit including a handset, please rent a US cell phone kit.

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Coverage Map

Important Information

In the US

  • Police: 911
  • Fire: 911
  • Ambulance: 911

 United Nations Office:

1775 K street Suite 400

Washington, DC 20006

+1 (202) 331-8670  web site  

Dialing Instructions

Our US Cell Phone Rental Provides you with a local US phone line. The USA´s country code is 1. For example, if the number we supplied you was:


Here is how to call from and to your phone:

 From the US to call your US cell phone:


 To call our office from your US cell:


 To call your US cell phone from overseas:

+ 1 619-XXX-XXXX

"+" sign stands for the international access code, usually is entered holding the 0 (zero) key on a cellphone, each country has their own, please check online what your countries international access code is.

 Text Messaging

Dialing instructions are the same for receiving or sending text messages.  Remember that each text message is charged as a 1 (one) minute call.

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Additional Info

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